Sunday, January 17, 2010

What do you do?

I am a little anxious and a tad frustrated. My Abby has been SO overly tired and weepy lately. At 7 it is UNHEARD of for her to take a nap, yet for the past 2 wks...she takes one on a regular basis if she is not in school. Her little eyes have huge dark cirles under them and she complains that she is tired a lot. I find her curled up on the couch often in the evenings (at 5-6pm)nearly asleep. She also has been complaining of headaches (wwager they are more migraines as she is incapasitated by them). I worry something maybe truely wrong. :( Of course it is a holiday tomorrow so I can't make a dr appt. :( I know I shouldn't borrow trouble, but I have this odd feeling its something more than "just" being tired. Your prayers would be apreciated. Also if anyone who has or works with children with autism thinks that these things sound familiar, I am open to advice!

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