Monday, August 19, 2013

Home School Attitude

Seriously, I respect those who can home school their kids. Heck, some of my best friends home school their kids...but I am SO SICK of the attitude that has been cropping up more and more from home school mom's towards mom's that send their kids to public we somehow don't care about our children's education or well being as much as THEY care about THEIR child's. I would LOVE to home school my kids, especially my youngest as she is just blowing through work that is well beyond her age and I think I could do it at home. I think I could even manage to home school 2 out of the 3. However, as much as a struggle as we have had this past year with my special needs daughter who is 10, I don't think I would be able to teach her at home. To get her to differentiate between the's time for SCHOOL WORK. It's time for stuff not related. She has a hard time transitioning anyway and I think it would really confuse her. I'm just getting sick of the holier than though attitude. While I started to run into it only slightly while up is so BAD here in FL!! Specifically where I live now! Borderline ridiculous! I don't judge others for the choices they make...I'm not them, I don't walk in their DON'T YOU DARE judge me or look/talk down to me and act like you're better than me because you home school your kids. SO SO SO sick of it! I swear the next person that does it to me is gonna get slapped across the face...and I'm not the violent type. >:(

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm really just done with it all. The drama, the back stabbing, the bickering, I'm just done with it all. Lord knows I have enough to deal with in my OWN immediate family...I simply CANNOT deal with it from friends, extended family and others right now. AT ALL. And that might come across as selfish...and maybe it is. But that is being selfish for the well being of my immediate family. Because if I am not at MY best, I can't be at my best for them as a mom and as a person in general. So don't judge me until you have walked a mile....HECK, just walk FIVE MINUTES in my the summer time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time Flies

It's amazing how fast time can fly. It seems like we just moved in. I keep telling people, "we just, we got here in July, we've bee here for 10 months now." Nearly a year already!!! The girls have only 1 more month of school. I don't know if they are just DONE already or what, but with the exception of Emma just doing well at her school work b/c she always does...Abby and Bethany are just having SUCH issues!'s like she has already mental checked out for the year. But she CAN'T because she still has her writing assessment to do. She might have finished the FCAT and her portfolio already, but it's like she's given up already. And Abby...UGH! I don't know if it is hormones or WHAT but something has GOT to GIVE with that child!! I sooooo at the end of my rope!!! SO FRUSTRATED!!! We have another neuro appt tomorrow because although her EEG and MRI here in Florida have both come back not showing any issues, she is still having seizures...several in a month. So when we called to make the appt, they told us over the phone to up her meds. THAT was a disaster!! It completely altered her personality. She literally could NOT function, therapy, home, church. So I cut her dosage back down to what she was on originally. But in doing that...she is back to having several seizures in a short amount of time. She's had 2 just this past week for of them waking her up for the 1st time. We NEED ANSWERS!!! I can't go on like this...ABBY can't go on like this. This is badly affecting her behavior and it is directly impacting our entire, church, home, EVERYWHERE. I'm back to feeling like I am drowning because I have teachers telling me that they don't know what else to do...well guess what????Neither do I!!!! I mean what am I as a mother supposed to do when I have both teachers AND my husband tell me in the SAME day that they don't know what else to do with her??? Well, you can't give up on her!! That's not an option!! I'm so frustrated I could cry! In brighter musings...the girls got Easter pictures done this year and they turned out REALLY good!