Monday, April 26, 2010


So, someone tried to kill my husband this morning. The dude didn't even look to see if anyone was behind him, just backed out into the street (WAY too fast I might add) and hit my husband. In fact his rear tire came an INCH from running over Dom's head before he stopped his car!! He didn't even bother to get out...just yelled out his window and asked if hubby was alright. Dom didn't even say yes, just groaned...and the guy just drove off. I am pissed at the guy but also pissed at my Dom. That is considered a hit and run! He should have called the the MP's. There should have been a report filed. He completely wrecked Dom's bike...and we should NOT be the ones that have to fix it. I am SO mad right now. Not to mention that even though hubby is really banged up, scraped up & bruised...he's still walking and talking so OF COURSE he won't go to medical. (bangs head into wall)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Blessings?

I swear, there are times when they make me want to rip my hair out. There have been times recently that I have wanted to bang my head into a wall and scream...I don't have an infant anymore...I should NOT be having to get up every 30min-1 hr ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Then there are the HUGE cat fights between my 7 yr old and my 3 yr old, the thought processes of my 5 yr old who I guess has decided to test the laws of physics...and my the past 3 weeks, and the allergy issues that have my 7 yr old being SUCH a crab b/c she is congested.

But then there are the sweet, slobbery kisses from my literally have to tear yourself away from her to quit with the, the burrowing of my 5 yr old to get as close to me as possible to snuggle while watching a movie, my 7 yr olds unshakable belief that no matter the nightmare, no matter scare, no matter the injustice done to her...simply mommy being there makes all right with the world again.

They can drive me to distraction...and the edges of my sanity, yet the thought of them not in my life is incomprehensible. Whether it be walking into walls at 2am from lack of sleep to answer the call of a scared child, or cradling a precious child in my arms, kissing their head, smelling their sweet kid smell, their little arms wrapped around heart is full to bursting with love...and the awesome responsiblity of raising them right. I hope I don't let them down.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A "Good" Mom?

Something to ponder...what makes a mom a "good" mom? Is it the mom who runs her kid to every event making sure they always have homework and stuff done on time? Is it the mom who fights to find a cure for her sick child? Is it the mom who doesn't have much to give her kids but manages to give them as much love and attention that she can? Is it the mom who works 2 jobs and manages to keep her kids fed, clothed, in school? Is it the "crunchy" mom who's kids grow up on all organic food (and/or makes it all from scratch), wears her babies in slings/wraps, breastfeed, homeschools? Is it the mom who fights not only against demons from her past but is determined to make sure she raises her kids so that they won't walk the same path? Is it the mother, who despite being terminally ill, still manages to make her kids lives as "normal" as possible? Is it the mother who is determined not to raise her kids in the same abusive enviroment that she was raised in? Or is it simply the mother that loved her baby so much that she put that child up for adoption knowing that they would have a better chance at being happy and fulfilled in a steady home?

I think that while there are some of us that certainly won't earn mother of the year award, most of us do our best by our kids. Not all opinions and walks of life are the also is each persons opinion of a "good" mom.

Me...I just want my girls to look back years from now as adults, and despite the many times that I screw up raising them, they are happy, fulfilled and say, "Mom did her best and that is what mattered most."

April is Autism Awareness Month

Just putting that out there. If you can in anyway support the cause...buying a bumper sticker or window decal, walking to raise awareness...any little bit helps to go towards research to help find better and/or more ways to help not only the kids who have autism, but the families who care for them.

My Abby is 7 1/2. We have fought this fight for her for over 5 yrs now...and I still don't know all there is to know about it. As each year passes...another milestone is passed but even more loom ahead. We take each day as it comes with our precious girl. It can be at times frustrating, but it makes each goal accomplished that much sweeter for the hard work that went towards it both on her end and on ours.