Thursday, January 14, 2010

Driving in DC Traffic

Let'sme just say...I HATE driving from Quantico, VA to Bethesda, MD. That really is my only complaint about living in this that for any specialty appts you have to drive all the way thru DC to get there...I nearly got sideswiped TWICE today. HELLO?!?!?! That's what BLINKERS are for!!! USE THEM!!! Seriously...traffic doesn't normally bother me...but when ppl act like complete idiots and try to run me off the road...I take offense. >:(


  1. DC Traffic is one of the reasons we crossed northern Virginia off our retirement list even though most of my husband's family lives there. Give me a few minutes waiting on the swing bridge anyday over navigating the Beltway!

    I like your blog, Jen, love seeing your girls. =

  2. Thanks Susan. I had so much going on on so many sites...I need some simplicity. I figure between here and facebook...ppl will be kept sufficiently up-to-date with our family. :)

    And yeah...I will take bridge traffic in Beaufort over beltway traffic ANY DAY!