Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Family

Now that I have bored you to tears with my intro post and my explaination post...I'd like to introduce my family so that you know who I am talking about when I refer to or say their names.

Abigail, better known to everyone as Abby who just turned 7 in November. Green-eyed, red-headed, stubborn as all get out like her daddy, my firstborn and also my introduction into the world of special needs. Abby has autism. She is high functioning, but still has many issues. As time passes and she gets older, more educational/developmental issues are emerging. Transitioning between activities and mess-ups in her routine continue to be her biggest struggle. Right now, we are also struggling with sleeping issues. Since I also have a toddler that still wakes at night with night terrors, this week I am functioning mainly on coffee and more coffee. :) Her disability aside, Abby LOVES to read, play dress up, is highly competitive in nearly any type of game she plays, excels at math. She is VERY addicted to playing ball and I hope to get her on the Little League T-ball team this year. She is very loving and is constantly hugging those around and adults alike. She has a way of helping me keep my life in perspective.

Bethany, who is 5 1/2 and can't wait to turn 6 in May, is my prima donna. She loves to sing and dance and draw/paint and has a gift for anything music or art-related. She LOVES anything ballet related (girl after my own heart) and I hope to get her into ballet class here soon. She is also mommy's little clone in looks and in actions. She has a memory like a steel trap and is quick to parrot anything I say...which means I have to be VERY careful with what I say. She is learning to read and making a ton of progress in the area. She is also turned into Little Miss Sassy Pants and since even now Abby struggles with her speech, this is a new area for me to deal with.

Emma, who just turned 3 in October, is my youngest and better known as the resident Drama Queen. She has by far been my most handful at the toddler age since both of her sisters initially had some developmental issues, she has always done things quicker than the older two and even now at age 3 is doing things that the other two didn't do til they were 4 or 5. Currently at age 3, she academically ahead of where her sisters were at this age and gets into TONS more mischief. Just since our move in July, we have had marker on the rugs, pen on the ENTIRE body, toliet paper strewn over an entire bathroom, q-tips all over mommy's bedroom floor...the list could go She LOVES her markers/crayons and has been the hardest to teach that you only draw on PAPER!!!! Not everything in the world is a canvas for her to draw on! lol She is my cuddlebug, my chatterbox, her little eyes twinkle and her smile lights up a room. Everyone (even complete strangers in a store) love to comment on her red hair and how cute she by 3...she KNOWS she is cute! That grin makes it hard to say no to her...but mommy does lay down the law. 

My husband, whom I will mostly refer to as Dom, better known as the person who knows how to push all my buttons and drives me up a wall most the time, but I love him anyways.

Well, that is my family in a nutshell. Now you know who am talking about. ;)

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  1. Welcome to blogging!
    Hope you will hop on over a check out some of the other OCP bloggers. Your girls have the most gorgeous hair! Beautiful!