Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brain...where's my brain?

Well, kinda stinks when you haven't blogged in so long that you forget your password...doh! Yet again, it's nearly been a year...I want to get on's just finding the time. Sister's wedding in August was beautiful and she just welcomed her 1st little bundle of joy...Lillian Mae, this past February. :) Emma got her tonsils out in the fall and has been relatively healthy since...shows that we made the right choice. Mommy had emergency gall bladder surgery at thanksgiving...not a fun time. :( Bethany had her adenoids out this spring. Despite a few complications during surgery, ever since they came out, she hasn't had ANY sinus issues anymore and her allergies have improved greatly. OH!! She also DOESN'T SNORE ANYMORE!!!! WOO-HOO!!! Again, same with Emma, a part of the body that was supposed to be helping keep them healthy was just making them sick. Abby's seizures increased greatly this past year, they put her on yet another med (keppra) which while it decreased the seizures gave her horrible "rage" issues. She then had another increase around feb/march which put her on the list for VNS surgery. She had a successful surgery on February 25th and has been seizure free since!! Daddy was medically cleared in March and received a promotion in April!! Girls are finishing up school. Bethany and Emma had their art gallery night and their dance recital today. We are currently getting ready to move and this house is chaos!! Hoping to have more time once we move to get on here more!!