Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

I know that it was 2 days ago, but this week has been crazy. We had a good day. Had a wonderful church service then EVERYONE...even mommy and daddy took an afternoon seista. :) Then it was off to Lunga Lake for a fun time. They had rides, water gun tag, music, food, fireworks, etc. The girls had a blast and only Emma was a little freaked at the fireworks and that was only until daddy picked her up then she was fine with her hands over her ears. We left early enough that we got home at a decent time, yet still saw the finale from the car, yet didn't get stuck in traffic. WOOT!

And while I am sure our family and many others had fun, let us not forget WHY we celebrate Independence Day. The celebration of our nations birth. The freedom speech or religion, free from tyranny or dictatorship. But every YEAR, every WEEK, EVERY DAY...our freedom comes with a price. Our troops are fighting and some are paying the ultimate sacrifice and DYING for our freedom. Let's not forget the sacrifices that they and their families are making to secure that freedom for us. From the Army, to the Air Force, to the Navy, the Coast Guard & the Marines...we salute you, we thank you. God keep you and bring you home safe.