Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BOY was I wrong!

For those about to marry someone in the military...if you have ANY preconcieved notions....FORGET THEM! I was an Air Force brat half my life and ended up marrying a marine. My husband had asked me (we were already engaged by this time) if I minded him joining the marines. Having experience of growing up military I said no. How difference can being a military brat to a military wife?? How naive I was!!!!

For starters, my dad was in the AIR FORCE. my husband was joining the MARINES. There are those of you that will know what I mean when I say they are two COMPLETELY different things. Second, being CHILD of a prent in the military and being the WIFE of a spouse in the military, ALSO two COMPLETELY different things.

After being the wife of a Marine for almost 9 years now, I can say that I have learned a LOT more than I ever thought possible about the military in general and moreso about the Marine Corps. I have to say that becoming a wife and learning the ropes of marriage in itself was a daunting task, but learning it while also learning the ropes as a military wife...let's just say I definately got a crash course in both!

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