Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can this week get ANY better?!?!?! (insert sarcasm...)

THANK GOODNESS tomorrow is friday. My knee is still jacked up. The back part behind the knee is all puffy/swollen...not bruised or anything but bigger than the other side and the right back side of my knee hurts just doing nothing with no pressure on it...walking/stairs is excruciating...hyperextending your knee if you do it bad enough can tear your ACL....let REALLY hope that is not what I did....only way to fix that is surgery...gonna give it thru the weekend and if the swelling isn't down nor the pain...I'll make an appt early monday morning...not to mention that yesterday morning while running Dom crested the last hill and pulled a muscle in his back. BAD. Never seen him like this...he can barely move. We make such a great pair right now...neither of us can barely walk. He's already told me he is staying in bed all weekend. *SIGH* I have sympathy for the back pain I do...but man...its one thing for me to do everything all weekend with NOTHING WRONG. I have no issues with that...But I can barely walk myself...but I guess since his pain trumps mine...I am tired, PMS-ing, in pain, frustrated....I just want to sit here and cry. :'(

ok....pity party over...I needed to vent.

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