Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the Season

For craziness. Abby had her MRI, but it yeailded no ansewrs as to the cause for her seizures. The doctor did find a pineal cyst but he dismissed as a cause. We will watch it to make sure that it does not grow and cause any issues but other than that...sigh. She DOES have scoliosis. 15 degree curve. Nothing that needs orthopedic intervention, but she needs another xray and has to go see the specialist at Children's hospital in June. Bethany's appt went well. Her curve is at 17 degrees and hasn't changed since her last trip to Children's so they will see her again in June as well.

Bethany did AWESOME in her 1st cheer competition which was the Fredricksberg Jaycee Parade last saturday. It was COLD. Her next competition is in January.

Abby and Bethany have their school winter program tonight (their after-school chorus) , Emma has her dance recital this saturday and all 3 girls have their sunday choir program this sunday night. I will be glad when this week is over!!