Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last I checked we live in VIRGINIA...NOT California!!! At 1:55pm the same day that Emma had her 1st day at preschool...mommy experienced her 1st earthquake. And it wasn't and piddly one either. It was a 5.9!!! Scared the dickens outta me!!! Had an aftershock later that night at 8:11pm that registered 4.2. Eek. Now I NEVER want to live on the west coast. I'll take hurricanes over earthquakes ANY day!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!!!

Just sent my baby off for her very 1st day of preschool! I can't believe she's gotten so big! Where did the time go? She's SO ready though...she's ACTUALLY ready for kindergarden to tell you the truth but DOD regulations won't let her go because she isn't 5 by the age cut off of Sept 1st. Oh well. I think she will enjoy this year nonetheless. I didn't cry...choked up,yes. But I didn't cry. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This fever can LEAVE anytime now. Granted, I am thankful that there is no vomiting or nastiness out the other end accompanying it...but she is up ALL NIGHT LONG anyway because she is so hot. He fever hovers around 103 at night and while I feel bad...the lack of sleep is getting to me. Plus...what could this be? The strep test they did came back negative, yet she has had this fever since friday morning. And its not a low grade either. This sucker has stayed around between 101.8 and 103.8 the entire time, but she doesn't have any other symptoms. Maybe she's eating a TAD less than normal and she looks like she might fall over come naptime...but that's because she isn't sleeping at night. I am REALLY hoping she is better by tuesday because she will be SO broken-hearted if she can't go to her very 1st day of Pre-K because she is sick. :(

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy weekend!!!

TGIF...turned out not so much. Took Emma in to visit her class, got a copy of her bus schedule and what shots she still needed. Took her in to get her shot (have I mentioned that she has been acting FINE???) and the nurse is all "Mommy, she feels warm. We're going to take her temp before we give this to her." 102.3. WHAT?!?!?!?! Yeah...guess THAT was a bust. Took her down to PEDS with very little hope of ACTUALLY getting in for a same day appt...they managed to fit us in. Strep test was negative. But she had a MISERABLE night last night. Not puking or anything...just so feverish that she was miserable and up and down from my room to hers the whole night. So, fevered child meant no dance for her today, meaning that since Abby had her karate graduation (and I had already booked a babysitter to sit with the girls over at the dance studio)so she had to come out to the house instead. Poor Bethany. Not sick, but missed out on dance anyway. Bummer.

So off to Abby's graduation! Despite massive traffic, we made it there on time, with extra time for her to prep, practice, & get excited. She LOVES karate. She did SO well today. There are some days that she is SO unfocused that I doubt that she has the curriculum down...but boy did she prove me wrong! That kid is a sponge!!! She stuck everything! Her guard was nice and high and tight and her HI-YA's were loud and crisp and she smiled and just did FABULOUS! So, I am now the proud mommy of a brand new Green Belt 8 yr old in tae kwon do!!! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy School Year!

As Abby would say...and HAS said, OVER and OVER and OVER again the past 2 days. The excitment level in this house has been thru the roof. The 2 older girls started school yesterday. Bethany started 2nd grade and Abby started 3rd. Both came home in great moods. They seem to like both their classmates and their teachers. (Although I know Bethany will like Ms. Boswell...Abby had her last year.) Emma starts Pre-K NEXT tuesday and can't WAIT to go. We had a home visit from HER teachers this morning and she was being a total goofball and showing off while they were here.

Abby also did her gold belt test yesterday...and PASSED!!! YAY!!! Green blet here she comes!! So yesterday was a day FULL of excitement, especially for Abby. Needless to say, everyone crashed HARD when it came to bedtime last night. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

I hate DC traffic

Bethany's appt at Children's hospital in went ok. They want to wait and see how she does between now and December. I'm ok with that, but told the doctor that I REFUSED to go back to DC. I will go to Fairfax...but I am NOT making that trip into the heart of DC again. It was HORRIBLE! NEVER again!!