Monday, April 26, 2010


So, someone tried to kill my husband this morning. The dude didn't even look to see if anyone was behind him, just backed out into the street (WAY too fast I might add) and hit my husband. In fact his rear tire came an INCH from running over Dom's head before he stopped his car!! He didn't even bother to get out...just yelled out his window and asked if hubby was alright. Dom didn't even say yes, just groaned...and the guy just drove off. I am pissed at the guy but also pissed at my Dom. That is considered a hit and run! He should have called the the MP's. There should have been a report filed. He completely wrecked Dom's bike...and we should NOT be the ones that have to fix it. I am SO mad right now. Not to mention that even though hubby is really banged up, scraped up & bruised...he's still walking and talking so OF COURSE he won't go to medical. (bangs head into wall)

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