Sunday, April 18, 2010

A "Good" Mom?

Something to ponder...what makes a mom a "good" mom? Is it the mom who runs her kid to every event making sure they always have homework and stuff done on time? Is it the mom who fights to find a cure for her sick child? Is it the mom who doesn't have much to give her kids but manages to give them as much love and attention that she can? Is it the mom who works 2 jobs and manages to keep her kids fed, clothed, in school? Is it the "crunchy" mom who's kids grow up on all organic food (and/or makes it all from scratch), wears her babies in slings/wraps, breastfeed, homeschools? Is it the mom who fights not only against demons from her past but is determined to make sure she raises her kids so that they won't walk the same path? Is it the mother, who despite being terminally ill, still manages to make her kids lives as "normal" as possible? Is it the mother who is determined not to raise her kids in the same abusive enviroment that she was raised in? Or is it simply the mother that loved her baby so much that she put that child up for adoption knowing that they would have a better chance at being happy and fulfilled in a steady home?

I think that while there are some of us that certainly won't earn mother of the year award, most of us do our best by our kids. Not all opinions and walks of life are the also is each persons opinion of a "good" mom.

Me...I just want my girls to look back years from now as adults, and despite the many times that I screw up raising them, they are happy, fulfilled and say, "Mom did her best and that is what mattered most."

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