Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They understand more than we give them credit for...

Background to the story...In November of last year we had a good friend and our respite care worker pass away suddenly. With my daughters autism I wasn't sure she understood the concept of death. However both my 7 & 5 yr old seemed to be ok with the answer, "she went to heaven and is with Jesus now." Anytime they would ask where she was we would reply that she couldn't come see them right now b/c she was in heaven with Jesus.

My girls have also been going to Sunday School where they have been learning of Jesus miracles. Recently I guess they learned about Jesus raising Jarius' daughter from the dead.

Just the other day...I really wasn't paying much attention to what they were playing since for once they were all playing nicely together and not screaming at each other. After about 30-45 min I realized they were re-enacting that sunday school story...however they kept saying, "ok, you be Jesus and I'll be Mary". I heard them saying this and kept correcting them saying, "No, not Mary his mother, Jarius' daughter" IT wasn't til JUST yesterday riding along in the car while we were discussing the Easter story and how Jesus rose from the dead and is in heaven...and my 5 yr old said, "with Mary too, right mommy?" When I automatically answered dawned on me....they were NOT meaning Jesus MOTHER Mary when they were playing...they meant OUR Mary. In a way I am glad that they understand that Jesus did powerful miracles and can do anything...but it also made my heart break that her death affected them way more than I thought it had. It also made me feel bad that here I was "correcting" them when they KNEW what they were talking was mommy who didn't get it.

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