Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time Flies!!

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I have been on here! This past year has brought such hard times, medically, for our family. Emma continued to contract round after round of strep throat, so just this past Tuesday had her tonsils removed. She spiked a fever right after surgery which has given her a hard time since she feels horrible and doesn't want to drink or eat anything. Thankfully TODAY seemed to finally be a turning point for her. We were able to FINALLY cut back on the tylenol and not give it to her round the clock...which we have been having to do since tuesday. She seemed more upbeat and not in as much pain today and played a lot more with her sisters. Up until today, she's been just kinda laying around on the couch. Abby's seizure's have continued to get worse. She had her first grand mal seizure right before Christmas, during her school play, and while she generally can go at least a month between seizures, she has had one every 10 days since the beginning of June. :( I have bee told that the onset of puberty can cause an increase in seizures, but she has yet again had another change this afternoon in seizure type. She's always had complex partials and then grand mals came along in she had her 1st absence seizure. So frustrated with her current neuro who has NO answers and does nothing but raise her seizure meds. We have got a referral in for a second opinion because I am THROUGH with this lady. She treats me like I'm stupid and don't know my own kid. Then to top everything off, my husband has gotten really since this past year. He has had a PICC line in his arm since last October. We are hoping he gets in out in a month because if he doesn't take a PFT soon, he will get passed over for promotion and kicked out of the corps. :( So tired for never having answers for anything. So frustrated. On the plus side, Bethany had a FABULOUS year this year in school. Much better than last year. She has grown so much this year too. All 3 girls are growing like weeds and I can barely keep them in clothes that fit!! We are getting ready to go to my sister's wedding soon... Eek! Hoping the trip goes well. It's 2 days of 9 hrs of driving. Blah...I hate driving long distances. Here's to hoping that THIS school year (Abby's 1st year of middle school) goes well.

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