Thursday, July 21, 2011


I can't believe the heat! We broke over 100 today. The heat index was 110!! Makes me VERY thankful for air conditioning that WORKS. We were able to go to the pool today after a bit of not going. The girls had a good time, but because it was so hot today the water was like bath water...even at 3pm. BLECK! But at least Bethany can quit complaining at me that we NEVER go swimming

Interesting note. I was looking back over my blog. Noticing that over the past year...I've made exactly 5 posts. Eek. It looks like I've made like one every 6 months. Been a busy year. I guess I just figure that people don't want to hear every annoying thought that I have...but also...its not like I am using this to update people either. I mean seriously? How many people even READ my blog? Probably no one.

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