Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Craziness

It has been so crazy this summer. We've done a lot. I took the girls camping for the 1st time a few weeks ago. They did well, and we plan on going again when Oma comes down at the beginning of October. The older 2 did VBS here at the base chapel and had a blast...they've been running around singing the songs all day every day for the past week, and Abby even made our local paper in an article about the VBS!

School starts tomorrow!!! We had open house today. Both girls met their teachers and I think they will do good in their classes this year. I'm sad that Abby doesn't have Ms Jolly as her resource teacher this year. It took me by surprise when she told me at the last second today in the hallway. :( Abby has 2 girls in Ms. Boswell's class that she knows...Aisha from church/awana and Sjorabel from Ms Cissell's class last year. Bethany has Gunner, Anna, Sammy & one other kid from Ms. O'dell's class from last year in her new class this year. I feel sorry for THAT teacher. She will have her hands full with little Miss Sassy Pants aka Bethany. Overall I think they will both do well. Kinda sad that Emma didn't make the age cut off this year...she is academically read for Pre-K, only reason she can't go is that she doesn't meet the age requirement. Boo-hiss.

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