Sunday, August 22, 2010

Growing Up

There are days lately that I feel like each day I am simply surviving from day to day...especially during those "special" times during the month...makes things even harder with Dominic already gone. I HATE the "just surviving" days. In retrospect it makes me feel ungrateful for what I have. A loving husband, 3 beautiful daughters, a home, a working vehicle, steady income, no debt, sitting here I could make the list longer. I've had at least 2 of those this past week. The "I can barely get outta bed to get the kids off to school" days. Last night wasn't great either, 2 out of 3 of the girls were up and down all night long so sleep wasn't something I got much of. But I went to pick up my girls from their church class...with my little Emma running in front of me...I realized...there's my baby. My youngest. She'll be 4 in a little over a month. Where has the time gone? I almost stopped walking it hit me so hard. As much as there are days when all I can think "WHEN is it BEDTIME?!?!?!" I need to appreciate the moments I have now with them. They are little for only so long. Emma will go to school next year. God grant me the patience to hug and cuddle and color and play when all I want to do is sleep. Help me to appreciate what you've given me and be thankful for both easy and hard, good and bad times.

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  1. Hey Jen...I know what you mean! Coloring is my favorite memory with my mom...and I really tried to pass that on to you kids. I can't wait to color with the girls soon! I just made a blog...Here's the link: