Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Already??

Where did winter go?? I think it only snowed 3 times. Boo. I was hoping for a few more snowfalls before spring was officially here. So much has been going on. Spring break was crazy. Girls went to their first concert, we went to the Kansas City zoo (daddy's first time to see a bunch of the animals)we went mudding in ATV's (where Abby took her 1st spill off one-no injuries thank goodness) Bethany had her 1st 24 hr was packed and I am exhausted! Spring has come and with it the many bloomings of trees that are KILLING Emma and my allergies. Emma has had several issues with wheezing...if she's not sounding better by friday, I will make her an appt to get seen. STILL waiting on orders to be released...while part is glad, I know better than to think we can stay here. I am just done with moving. It will be nice to stay put in a place for more than a few months again.

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