Monday, September 3, 2012

Settling In...

SO, hubby finally got home,we eventually got passed all the crazy activities (Emma did awesome in her recital!!)and we are now moved, in FL, in a house and have all our stuff unpacked. The girls started school 2 wks ago, but were interrupted thanks to HUrricane Issac that caused school to close for 3 days last week. They girls seem to be adjusting ok. ITs hard getting used to daddy being home again AND moving AND a new house AND a new church, AND a new school AND a new grade, teachers, etc. My baby went to kindergaten this year!!! SNIFF!!! Hubby is now pushing for me to get a job since I "stay home all day and do nothing". Grrr. So, needless to say...adjustment has been a bit rocky...for everyone.

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  1. (snort!) Hilarious when you've realized that you spelled Kindergarten wrong and posted it for the world to see. rofl