Sunday, August 21, 2011


This fever can LEAVE anytime now. Granted, I am thankful that there is no vomiting or nastiness out the other end accompanying it...but she is up ALL NIGHT LONG anyway because she is so hot. He fever hovers around 103 at night and while I feel bad...the lack of sleep is getting to me. Plus...what could this be? The strep test they did came back negative, yet she has had this fever since friday morning. And its not a low grade either. This sucker has stayed around between 101.8 and 103.8 the entire time, but she doesn't have any other symptoms. Maybe she's eating a TAD less than normal and she looks like she might fall over come naptime...but that's because she isn't sleeping at night. I am REALLY hoping she is better by tuesday because she will be SO broken-hearted if she can't go to her very 1st day of Pre-K because she is sick. :(

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