Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy Days

Home from Ocean City where we had a great time with family. This is the 1st time that I think all 3 girls could TRUELY appreciate the beach. We walked on the boardwalk, went swimming/boogie boarding in the ocean, buried mommy in the sand, made sand pits & castles, rode scooters & a surry, went and rode rides, ate ice was fun times. Aunt Hannah rocked b/c she had brought crafts for the girls to do when it got too hot to be outside (which was a lot). The girls loved playing with their cousins and were sad to leave. :(

We came home early for Bethany's recital practices. Yesterdays regular practice (but at the high school where they are putting it on) went fine...tonight's dress rehearsal was a TRAIN WRECK. >:( I can't believe that I left the beach early for THAT!! What they did tonight was NOT how they have practiced ALL spring! The teacher threw like 6 teenagers in there to "help" and all it did was COMPLETELY confuse ALL the little girls. Bethany had some older girl take her hand and made her dance with a kid from the 3-4 yr old class in the middle of the stage...which Bethany just rolled with it even though it wasn't her partner...but then near the end the teenager let go of her hand and kept holding the little girls hand and danced at the front of the stage leaving poor Bethany in the back BY HERSELF with no one to dance with. So OF COUSE she burst into tears. I did NOT pay well over $100 over the course of the past 6 months for costume, shoes, leotards, tights, tickets, & classes to have my kid spend over half if not all the whole 2 freaking minutes up on stage crying...and I was NOT the only parent mad. Pretty much every parent of the kids in Bethany's class was mad that just TONIGHT the NIGHT BEFORE the recital the teacher stuck a whole bunch of teens in there who didn't know what they were doing. If she was gonna do that the time to do it was YESTERDAY when we could have stopped when they screwed up and redone it. What made me even madder was that at the actual recital tomorrow we aren't allowed to take pics or tonight was it. Which PISSED me off even more b/c of THEIR screw up Bethany wasn't where she was supposed to be dancing (our tickets we SPECIFICALLY bought so that we would be on the side of the stage where BETHANY was dancing...) and b/c of the screw up I only got 2 BAD pics and NO video and I am CERTAINLY not giving them MORE money for the professional DVD of tomorrows proformance b/c of THEIR mistake today. I am SO mad right now! >:(

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