Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let us run...let us run...let us run the race before us...

Ah, a song from my good ole camp days. Didn't know that it would be come reality for me as a grown up!

My 1st official race was maybe 18 months ago? The Beaufort Twilight "Fun Run" in Beaufort, SC. 5k=3.2 miles for you non-runners. I hadn't trained at all for it and was heartily sorry the next day. Still I came in at 48 minutes. I was aiming for under an hour, so I was happy.

Enter this weekend. The USMC sponsored Semper Fred 5K in Fredricksburg, VA. I only found out about this race 2 wks ago, so I really only had about 10 days to train. And train I did. I NEVER go to the gym 5-6 times a week. Never before this past week. Busted my hiney I did, and it SO paid off. After a gradual 5 day build up to last week, I started doing the full 3.2 and cruches, side crunches & reverse sit-ups after every workout. I ended up beating my time from the Twilight Run. Shaved off over 10 minutes! WOOT! Ended up with a time of 38.17.

I have to say that when my husband (who IS a runner)always told me that if I worked out more that I would feel "better & more healthy" I really thought he was CRAZY. But I must say that I have felt better this week than I have in MONTHS, maybe years. So much so that I actually let him sign me up for 3 more races this year. GASP!! (Yeah, I know, what was I THINKING???) I can DO THIS!!

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